Pay Per Click Campaign

Pay Per Click Campaign Advertising

It is now globally accepted that in digital marketing realm well managed PPC Marketing (Pay-Per-Click advertising) can bring good result in pulling quality traffic to a website. At WebsiteSEO.ae, we have designed our Pay per Click campaigning in a way that yields optimum ROI for our clients. Our PPC marketing plan is extremely cost efficient because our clients have to pay only per click. It is all transparent and easy to control budget marketing plan with quick business development effect.

Our team is passionate to take our Pay per Click Campaign Advertising to a unique height of perfection. Therefore,all our team members are adequately informed about the latest global trend and the most efficient PPC marketing strategies. We are completely flexible in our planning and strategy implementation method depending on the business niche/volume/business status of our clients.

Take a quick look here to know how our Pay per Click Campaign Advertising service can be helpful for you in extracting success for your business expansion.

At WebsiteSEO.ae we use our Banner Ads Management service for:

  • PPC StrategyOpen or Close

    In order to plan a tailor-made PPC campaign most suitable for you, we at Advanced Creations will try our best to know the business niche, industry sector, list of competitors and precise USP’s related to your business so that we can work with you in order to develop a strategy that’s going to deliver the most desired results.

  • KeywordsOpen or Close

    We at WebsiteSEO.ae will ensurethat the marketing strategy is aligned with the most appropriate keywords. We use smart and result oriented techniques in finding right keywordsso that target website gets the maximum publicity and global exposure.

  • Ad ExtensionsOpen or Close

    Presently, Ad extensions have become one of the parts of the PPC campaigning. At WebsiteSEO.ae we createad extension that is capable of convertingan ad-text into an opportunity.In case,the PPC campaigning for your business is being performedwithout using ad extensions, you can hire the professional service of WebsiteSEO.ae to balance the needs.

  • PPC OptimizationsOpen or Close

    AtWebsiteSEO.ae, we implement ongoing optimization strategy that is equally useful for refiningand keeping focus on the PPC marketing campaign forextending the performance limits. Attention to detail is the key of this PPC marketing strategy.Advanced Creations offers excellent PPC Optimizations service for its clients to offer them adequate business exposure.

  • AD copy WritingOpen or Close

    At WebsiteSEO.ae, we ensure that all advertisements on the target website are tightly focused and integrated toselected keywords as well as to the landing pages on the target website. We offer a strong call to action strategy and consistent testing methodto be sure about getting the right traffic at the website at the lowest cost a customer can happily afford to pay.

  • Tracking placementOpen or Close

    We offer meticulous tracking for supporting and promotion of our PPC campaigning. We collect and analyze properly all the relevant data needed for complete optimization of a PPC campaign.We track all strategies in a way that is not only relevant and result oriented, but also helps you to decide on the next step in continuing our PPC campaigning process.

  • ReportingOpen or Close

    We at WebsiteSEO.ae produce relevant reports, which offer meaningful insightsabout the actual productivity of the ongoing PPC campaign, as a summary and close view of our marketing effort.Our report includes the activity of the competitors, the activity performed by us and a clear picture of the performancefor your paid search against the key metrics you have thought of your business development.

  • How can we help you?Open or Close

    Are you not happy with your present PPC campaigning result? Call us at Advanced Creations, one of the leaders of PPC campaigning service in Dubai. We will offer you our exclusive PPC Audit service to analyze the efficiency of your PPC campaigning.

Contact WebsiteSEO.ae today to check how our Pay-Per-Click Campaign Advertising management services can help your business to grow to reach at the summit.


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Domain Registration

WebsiteSEO.ae offers their service for .com domain registration Dubai as well. Please call us for more details about dot.com registration.

Website Hosting

WebsiteSEO.ae offers competent shared hosting optionsfor website owners, who can share one server for their website hosting.

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WebsiteSEO.ae Team is capable to ensure that all websites are created here are sync with consumer’s satisfaction and easy usability.

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We understand the utility of social media integration from the core and that is why we offer best Social Media Application service.

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WebsiteSEO.ae offer our clients different allied services that lead to achieve successful brand management.

Online Marketing

WebsiteSEO.ae is one of the leading companies in internet marketing Dubai domains with extensive global network and exposure.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

It is now globally accepted that in digital marketing realm well managed PPC advertising can bring good result in pulling quality traffic to a website.

What more we offer


Responsive Websites.

Responsive web design lets a website to acclimatize and deliver an optimal experience on any device compatible to access. This means that a website should look and operate flawlessly for a user on a desktop computer, tablet,laptop, or on a smartphone. Because of its cumulative importance, every single website developed by Advanced Creations is totally responsive, adaptingflawlessly to all devices a website’s users can use for their access to the website.


e-Commerce Websites

An e-Commerce website is mostly designed with inspired effort and focused knowledge. The web designing team at WebsiteSEO.ae is accomplished of offering unique web design that aidsall our clients to always stayahead of struggle. They are prepared with vital skills that include PHP MySQL, MS SQL, and ASP .NET., and many more. Our experts are committed to create shopping cart websites, and other vibrant E-Commerce websites. We have made it an easy task for our clients to maintain their business through an e-commerce website.

Mobile App

Mobile App Development

WebsiteSEO.ae works across all the mobile platforms, frameworks &settings to organizeall its clients’ business. The mobile application development services ranges from idea conceptualization to final delivery. WebsiteSEO.ae develops mobile apps using SDKs offered by various mobile platform vendors, cross platform development kits that permits faster development of truly cross-platform apps with good quality content.

Dynamic Websites

Dynamic Websites

Dynamic websites are constructed with scripting & database; a truly dynamic website shares quality information that keeps updating in a regular interlude of time. These websites are called dynamic because information offered in these types of websites keep updating every now and then with professional proficiency.